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Group Tickets

The Collegedale Church attempts to be true to its mission of reaching the greater Chattanooga area with the SonRise ministry.  To do this the SonRise team only considers group ticket requests from groups that meet the following requirements:

  • Non-Adventist groups from the greater Chattanooga area.

  • Adventist groups from the greater Chattanooga area that are bringing a non-Adventist group from the community that they are and will continue to work with.  We love to partner with our sister Adventist churches in this mission and encourage our sister churches to apply for group tickets in this type of scenario.

If you are a Seventh-day Adventist group seeking tickets, we ask that you contact us about getting involved in SonRise or how to offer a Pageant in your area rather than asking for tickets intended for our local outreach ministry to the greater Collegedale community. Contact us at


1. How many total tickets are available for group tickets? 300


2. What constitutes a group? 20+ people


3. What is the limit that one group can request? 50


4. How do I request group tickets? Group tickets need to be requested in writing. You need to include:

  • a contact name (who is also the person designated to pick up the tickets), address, email address, and phone number.

  • Give a description of the group (school, church, business, etc.).

  • Number of tickets requested.

  • What time you are requesting tickets for.


5. Can I choose what time I want to come? Yes


6. If I get group tickets this year, how long until I can request tickets again? 4 years


7. What is the "beginning" date for taking requests? January 15 of each year. Requests need to be in writing and delivered not before January 15. Requests mailed/delivered before that date will not be considered.


8. Is there a cost? For group tickets there is a $2 per ticket reservation fee. After receiving a confirmation from SonRise that tickets are still available, you have two weeks to mail a check to hold the tickets. After two weeks and no check, tickets will be made available once again. The reservation fee is non-refundable.


9. Can group tickets be mailed? No, it is on a "will call" basis.

  • How about if I'm from the area? Can I pick them up early? No.

  • What do I do to pick up my tickets the day of SonRise? You will need to arrive as a group and have one person designated to pick them up no later than 30 minutes before your scheduled Pageant. Bring the confirmation certificate to exchange for the tickets. In this way we can put back into circulation any tickets that you end up not using. Tickets will be given only to the designated person. If tickets have not been picked up 30 minutes before the scheduled Pageant, tickets will be released for reissue.


10. What is the cutoff time for requesting group tickets? One month before SonRise (for example, if SonRise is April 15, March 15 is the deadline), or until the designated number of group tickets are gone.


11. Where do I send my request? Send to: 



Collegedale Church

PO Box 3002

Collegedale, TN 37315

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