We offer a variety of Sabbath Schools for adults. All classes begin at 10:30 am each Saturday.

Acceptance Sabbath School

Gospel Chapel

North Wing

Upper Level

& Virtual

Acceptance Sabbath School encourages open discussion of the lesson study in search of its practical application in the daily journey.


The Acceptance family enjoys Christian fellowship through social activities, community service, and small study groups in an effort to support and encourage each other. It is their hope and belief that Jesus Christ is coming soon, and it is our joy to press toward that goal. 


Dream Room

South Wing

Main Level

& Virtual

The Anchor Sabbath School comes together to study the Word of God, share His goodness, and encourage one another through personal ministry and testimonies.


The Anchor is committed to an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that gives every participant a great sense of belonging and ownership. With the goal of building and nurturing relationships that extend beyond the Sabbath school classroom, The Anchor desires for others to experience a glimpse of heaven right here on earth, while continuing preparation for the soon return of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Authentic Manhood (Men Only)

Hope Room

South Wing

Main Level

Men, come join us in an exciting journey to authentic manhood!  This class uses a DVD-based curriculum and small group discussion that provides men with essential information on becoming better husbands, fathers, and disciples of Christ.  Life changing! 


Contact Pastor Tim Cross for more details.

Books of the Bible

Candies Room

North Wing

Lower Level

A multi-generational study group who participate in an in-depth study of books of the Bible. We laugh, we cry, we listen, we read, we pray, we grow.


Facilitated by Litch and Shelly Litchfield.


Act Room

South Wing

Main Level

All are welcome to this Portuguese speaking discussion circle. We use the Adult Sabbath School Study Guide and an open discussion circle format where all enriching comments and contributions are welcomed.


Facilitated by Norbert Waegele and Celso de Souza.

Chasing Vines - Women Only

Focus Room

South Wing

Main Level

This study explores the ways God delights in watching things grow and how the vineyard holds the secret to how we can have a more abundant and meaningful life. As she traces the metaphor through Scripture, Beth uncovers how every part of our own lives, even the rockiest, most difficult soil, is used by God to make a difference for His Kingdom. Register at or call Geri Burt at (828) 691-5206.


Thrive Room

South Wing

Main Level

This small Bible study group will dig deep into scripture and uncover precious gems and truth that will enhance our spiritual lives to the highest level of fitness. We will lean quite heavily on apologetics and the personal experience in this class.

The Experience - meets while SAU is in session

Fellowship Hall

North Wing

Main Level

The Experience Sabbath School is a Bible Study directed towards college students in the area. With a majority of the students living in dorms, it is important that they have a Sabbath School that is ideal where they can be able to discuss the topic of the week with other students their age. With that in mind, The Experience invites you to come and fellowship. 

Fundamental Beliefs

Chestnut Room

North Wing

Lower Level

The class is open to anyone who wishes to come and study the fundamental beliefs of the Adventist church. Its purpose is to develop a strong biblically based understanding of what Seventh-day Adventists believe. Members and attendees are equipped with the tools to confidently discuss or give a Bible study on Adventist history, the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church, and comparative religions. To be added to the email list, email

Good News

Hulsey Wellness Center Amphitheater, 

SAU Campus

The class is a discussion class and is taking a systematic approach to studying the whole New Testament. Facilitated by Bob Hamilton, Matt Nafie, Myron Mixon, and Joe Milholm.

Haitian - currently not meeting

CA Elementary

Left of the Main Doors

An exciting study of the Scriptures and Sabbath School Lesson conducted in French. Tout le monde est le bienvenu de nous rejoinder! 

Open Circle 

Hiwassee Room

North Wing

Main Level

Open Circle welcomes members of all ages and backgrounds who want to experience warm Christian fellowship.  This class follows a traditional format with singing, studying the Sabbath School Quarterly and monthly Mission SONlight.  


Each lesson is presented to encourage member participation and lively discussion.  

Parenting Children

Grow Room

South Wing

Main Level

Join us as we discuss parenting principles, apply them to our context, and pray for each other as we face various challenges on the parenting journey.


Facilitated by Tabor Nudd and Brad Clifford

Parenting Teens

Serve Room

South Wing

Main Level

The Parenting Teens class is open to parents, grandparents, and other caretakers with an active role in raising and guiding teenagers. Each week’s candid but confidential discussion centers around the application of the gospel of Jesus and biblical principles such as faith, repentance, grace, and faithfulness to different styles of parenting. Participants discover authentic testimonies, camaraderie, and prayer partners.


Facilitated by Tina Smith.

Post Collegiate

Under Tree by SAU Walking Track

(Inclement Weather: Elementary School Gym)

Do you want to study the Bible, pray, fellowship, and serve with other young adults? Do you want to impact Collegedale and the surrounding community for God’s glory?

Then join us for this weekly Young Adult Sabbath School.  Meets weekly except the first Sabbath of the month when they do Service Sabbath.

Revelation Bible Study

Lead Room

South Wing

Main Level

Lyle Pollett will lead this in depth study of each and every chapter, finding the deep and important meaning of these key messages for our time. In addition, and perhaps central to our study, will be to find Jesus Christ, high and lifted up as the central figure of each chapter.


Opening with a short song service, the intent of this Sabbath School is to devote a full hour to Scripture reading and lesson discussion. Roundtable seeks to enhance a closer relationship with Jesus and each other. On the second Sabbath of each month, a Sack-Lunch Seminar is held after the usual class time, to fellowship more and delve more deeply into a relevant topic. 


Build Room

 South Wing

Main Level

A lively, thought-provoking roundtable discussion based on the adult lesson quarterly and featuring other source materials such as commentaries and expert authors on the topic. 

The Master's Class

This class is a caring, online community on Zoom which is designed to meet the needs of those who are unable to attend a face-to-face Sabbath School Class at any given time.  This class utilizes the principles, approaches, and methods that Jesus used to engage in an interactive study of the Word, nurture and care for our members, and minister to the needs of others.  Members of our church as well as those from our national and international community of believers are welcome to join us.  Contact for more details.

Upper Room

Ocoee Room

North Wing

Main Level

A traditional Sabbath school, with frequent reference to current events (“Great Controversy News”).  Interactive discussion of The Word is encouraged. 

Facilitated by Michael Myers.