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Click on the titles below to sign up to volunteer in a particular area.

Without your help, we would not be able to offer SonRise as an outreach ministry to those who are unchurched in our community.


For more information, email .

At the Church


  • Parking Attendants--Direct people to parking spots. 

  • Greeters -- Be present SonRise day to greet and pass out programs to those attending.

  • Sanctuary Setup & Takedown -- Be available days or evenings the week of SonRise to help set up the Sanctuary scene. 

  • Sanctuary Cast -- Participate as cast in the opening Sanctuary scene. Attend rehearsals the week before SonRise and be available all SonRise day.

  • Information Desk -- Help answer questions and check out /in wheelchairs. 

  • Sanctuary Ticket Scanners--Scan tickets as people enter the Sanctuary. 

  • Leper Colony--Participate in costume as a leper in the colony outside the church. 

Marketplace (Jerusalem) & Last Supper




  • Resurrection Setup & Takedown -- Be available days or evenings the week before SonRise to help hang black curtains, hang lighting, set up chairs, set up the tomb and stage décor.

  • Resurrection Door Attendants-- Admit attendees to Resurrection.  

  • Resurrection Crowd Control-- Assist people in finding seats. Encourage people to fill in any empty seats. Be sure Gym is cleared at the end of the scene and ready for the next group. 

  • Technical Crew -- includes helping with lighting, props, and background setup. 

Costumes and Props


  • Costume Check-out and Check-in -- Be available the night before SonRise to help distribute costumes, and/or be available SonRise afternoon to help collect costumes after the last pageant.

  • Soldier Costume Check-out and Check-in -- Be available Friday night to assign costumes. And/or be available SonRise morning to help "dress" the soldiers. And/or be available SonRise late afternoon to check in costumes.

  • Washing -- Pick up a bag of costumes for washing. Make note of any repairs that need to be made. Return costumes no later than a week after SonRise. 

  • Staff Shirts -- Be available day of SonRise to help check out/in staff shirts. 

  • Large Props -- Be available the week or so before SonRise to help deliver large props. (crosses, tomb, Last Supper set, etc.)

  • Cross Transportation -- Be available SonRise day to help transport crosses from the Crucifixion to Judgment Hall. 

Various Refreshments


  • Cast Meal Helpers -- Help prepare and serve food to the University cast after SonRise is over.

  • Water Stop Helpers -- Help serve water to the attendees after the Last Supper.  

  • Guest Refreshments Helpers -- Help serve refreshments to the attendees after they leave the gym.



  • Animal/Bird Provider -- provide animals/birds for the area between the Church and Spalding and in Jerusalem. Be present at SonRise to care for your animals.

  • Large Animal Transportation -- Provide a trailer and help with large animal transportation. 



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