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Click on the titles below to sign up to volunteer in a particular area. 

Without your help, we would not be able to offer SonRise as an outreach ministry to those who are unchurched in our community.


For more information, email .

At the Church


  • Parking Attendants--FILLED Direct people to parking spots. 

  • Greeters -- FILLED Be present SonRise day to greet and pass out programs to those attending.

  • Sanctuary Setup & Takedown --Be available days or evenings the week of SonRise to help set up the Sanctuary scene. 

  • Sanctuary Cast -- FILLED Participate as cast in the opening Sanctuary scene. Attend rehearsals the week before SonRise and be available all SonRise day.

  • Information Desk -- Help answer questions and check out /in wheelchairs. 

  • Sanctuary Ticket Scanners-- FILLED Scan tickets as people enter the Sanctuary. 

  • Leper Colony--FILLED Participate in costume as a leper in the colony outside the church. 

Marketplace (Jerusalem) & Last Supper


  • Jerusalem Setup & Takedown Helpers-- Help setup and disassemble the Marketplace. (Includes folding tent coverings, etc.)

  • Shopkeeper -- FILLE"Decorate" your shop the day of SonRise and man your shop. Intermingle with the crowd while "selling" your items. 

  • Last Supper Setup & Takedown Helpers -- FILLED help set up and take down scene the week before SonRise. 

  • Marketplace Greeters -- Diplomacy skills needed.  Greet and warmly welcome people and ask to see their wrist bands as they enter the gates of Jerusalem as well as all people entering in the periphery of the Jerusalem, Last Supper, and Gethsemane areas.



  • Resurrection Setup & Takedown -- Be available days or evenings the week before SonRise to help hang black curtains, hang lighting, set up chairs, set up the tomb and stage décor.

  • Resurrection Door Attendants-- FILLED Admit attendees to Resurrection.  

  • Resurrection Crowd Control--FILLED Assist people in finding seats. Encourage people to fill in any empty seats. Be sure Gym is cleared at the end of the scene and ready for the next group. 

  • Technical Crew -- includes helping with lighting, props, and background setup. 

Costumes and Props


  • Costume Check-out and Check-in -- Be available the night before SonRise to help distribute costumes, and/or be available SonRise afternoon to help collect costumes after the last pageant.

  • Soldier Costume Check-out and Check-in -- Be available Friday night to assign costumes. And/or be available SonRise morning to help "dress" the soldiers. And/or be available SonRise late afternoon to check in costumes.

  • Washing --Pick up a bag of costumes for washing. Make note of any repairs that need to be made. Return costumes no later than a week after SonRise. 

  • Staff Shirts -- FILLED  Be available day of SonRise to help check out/in staff shirts. 

  • Large Props -- Be available the week or so before SonRise to help deliver large props. (crosses, tomb, Last Supper set, etc.)

  • Cross Transportation -- Be available SonRise day to help transport crosses from the Crucifixion to Judgment Hall. 

Various Refreshments


  • Cast Meal Donations-- Donate needed items for cast meal.

  • Water Stop Helpers -- FILLED  Help serve water to the attendees after the Last Supper.  

  • Guest Refreshments Helpers -- FILLED  Help serve refreshments to the attendees after they leave the gym.



  • Animal/Bird Provider -- Provide animals/birds for the area between the Church and Spalding and in Jerusalem. Be present at SonRise to care for your animals.

  • Animal Area Set-up / Take-down -- Help set-up and/or take-down the animal area Thursday/Friday before SonRise and Sunday after SonRise.

  • Large Animal Transportation --  Provide a trailer and help with large animal transportation. 



  • Banner Bearer --FILLED  Lead or follow a group with a banner through the Pageant. 

  • VM Information Tent— Greet and direct people who park at the Village Market. 

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