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Connect is a contemporary, multigenerational worship service that meets Sabbath at 9:00 a.m. at the Collegedale Academy Elementary School Gymnasium. To view Connect's Webstream click here.

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Michael Johns - 610.334.6214

Live Stream Coordinators

Travis King - 239.233.3207

Seth Eckenroth

Hospitality/Potluck Meals

Ashley Hoskins - 423.827.9859

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Connect is broadcast live each Sabbath at 9am on our Facebook Group Page and also soon coming to Youtube.

Leadership Team

Pastor Kris Eckenroth   484.663.0530

Pastor LeClare Litchfield   423 413 1908

Pastor Jason Foster (Worship) 423.432.7934

Bob Overstreet (Elder, Greeter Teams, Health Check Teams) 423.244.1010

Tammy Overstreet (Communication)  407.506.3166

Brittney McClannahan (Prayer, Social Coordinator) 253.720.2280


Jeff Lemon (Outreach Coordinator)  423.432.7085

Lisa Morris (Connect's Treasurer) 423.309.7386

Service Sabbath

Outreach programs are scheduled for the first Sabbath of each month (our Service Sabbath). Feel free to reach out to any of the program leaders if you are interested in volunteering for a specific program. 


Also, If you are not already on the newsletter email list, the newsletter includes updates on some of the activities as well.  To be added to the newsletter, just email Tammy Overstreet at this email address:



Contact Marlene Rasi

call/text (786) 369-9832

Rasi, Marlene.jpg

This program provides meals to about 100 individuals that come through the Community Kitchen for lunch and also assists the Community Kitchen with other projects.  This program is broken down into four parts:

  1. Sack Lunches - (Appropriate for all ages) A group of about 6-8 meet from 8-9 am on Service Sabbath and make sack lunches that are taken to the Community Kitchen to hand out at lunch.  

  2. Meal Prep - (Must be 16 years or older) A group of about 4-6 meet from 9:30-11 am at the Community Kitchen on 11th Street downtown Chattanooga to prepare soup to go with the sack lunches. 

  3. Food Serving - (Must be 16 years or older) A group of about 4-6 assist with serving the sack lunches, hot soup and beverage to approximately 100 at the Community Kitchen from approximately 11:15 - 12:30.

  4. Various Activities - (Appropriate for all ages) A group of 12-14 meet from 10:00 - 12:00 inside the Community Kitchen to assist with various projects.  Such projects include sorting food, preparing meal bags, decorating areas of the center for visitors, etc.  These projects vary from month-to-month.  

Isaiah 58

Contact Nathan McKee

call/text (423) 619-3548

This program is a small group between 2-4 people that visit with homeless camps in the area to visit, witness, and provide some snacks, supplies or even a meal.  This program also involves volunteers preparing a warm meal ahead of time so that those visiting the camp can provide a meal.  



Contact Becca Overstreet

call/text (407) 415-7767

Overstreet, Becca.jpg

This outreach is a food drive distribution, where people drive up behind the Collegedale Credit Union and we put bags of food in their car. Our volunteers give these people a survey to get more information about them, help transport bags to the cars, and compile more food bags if needed. There are two different shifts: 1:45pm-3:30pm and 3:30pm-5:00pm. We need around 4 people for each shift. 

Food Drive

Contact Kris Eckenroth

call/text (484) 663-0530

This program involves a collection of canned goods on Outreach Sabbath, typically this is collected at or near the Connect service and we encourage everyone to bring items to contribute. 


This program typically does not require volunteers and it is coordinated by Pastor Kris Eckenroth.

11th Street

Homeless Ministry

Contact Tiffany Tary

call/text (713) 826-9788

This program is coordinated by the post collegiate team but involves volunteers that meet with homeless near and around the Community Kitchen in downtown Chattanooga on 11thstreet. 


Those volunteering help to take fruit, desserts or other snacks and spend time engaging with the homeless, sharing encouragement and often praying / witnessing with them.  

Coolidge Park Card Handout

Contact Tiffany Tary

call/text (713) 826-9788

This program is coordinate by the post collegiate team and involves volunteers making cards of encouragement and God’s promises and then handing them out to those walking / visiting Coolidge Park in downtown Chattanooga.

Community Clean Up Team

Contact Johnnie Hoskins

call/text (423) 309-8032

A group of approximately 10 volunteers will work together to help pick up trash and debris along roads and other common areas to help keep our community beautiful.  Areas will be chosen to maximize our impact while making sure it is a safe environment for our volunteers.  However, all volunteers must be 14 years old or older.  Safety equipment and supplies will be provided.

Home Clean up

Contact Jason Foster 

call/text 423) 432-79346

This program involves a group of 8-10 individuals that help members of the community that need assistance with cleaning up their home or property.  These projects may vary from month to month.  Please click on the sign up to see the details for this month’s project.