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It is during difficult times that great differences can be made. We want to invite you to make a difference now. 

Discipleship ministries

To ensure that EVERY member of our church and community feels part of our family, through the light that shines through each one of us!

Family Check-in

Family Check-in

I volunteer to receive five church family names to pray for and call this next week. Here is a link to a helpful phone conversation script. Complete the form below and you will receive an email from Ronnie Campbell-Stewart with your five names.   

Thanks for submitting!

Letter Writing
Blood Assurance

Blood Assurance

Would you like the opportunity to save 3 lives?  Donate blood now at Blood Assurance and benefit up to 3 people. Schedule an appointment using the link below or by calling 423-893-7454. The nearest Blood Assurance donation center is located at 1748 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 104 (near Target). 

The Bloodmobile also comes to our Church every 8 weeks.

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