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SonRise 2021 is canceled due to COVID and restrictions on using Southern Adventist University’s campus during the pandemic. We pray that each of you stay well and safe during these trying times, and we hope to see you for SonRise 2022.



General Cast are still needed, but auditions for the Main Cast and Crucifixion Vocalists for the April 11, 2020 Pageant are closed.

Begin thinking now how you can participate. For the general (non-auditioned) cast, which includes soldiers, mobsters, believers, priests, etc.) fill out the online general cast application


If you have questions, contact


For the Marketplace, contact Sharon Moses at    (Pattern to make a costume)

Main (Auditioned) Cast


Audition applicants should be prepared to deliver a memorized monologue, lasting 60 to 90 seconds as well as doing a cold reading. Applicants can use the monologue provided in the link below or they are allowed to create their own monologue as long as they bring printed copies of their monologue to the audition.


Auditioned parts include: 

  • Jesus (6)

  • Mary Magdalene (6)

  • John (6)

  • Salome (2-6) --friend to Mary Magdalene

  • Peter (2-6)

  • Mary Mother of Jesus (2)

  • Satan at Gethsemane (1) --male

  • Gabriel at Gethsemane (1) --female

  • Pilate (1)

  • Thieves on the Cross (2)


Some of the “requirements” for being cast in one of the above positions is to attend auditions for a particular part you would like to play; learn your lines; and attend the required number of evening rehearsals (approximately three weeks).


Requests for an audition time should be sent to


Audition Monologues

You may choose one of the attached monologues or bring your own portraying a Biblical character. (If you choose a monologue not provided, be sure to bring a copy for the audition board.)



For Gabriel (female), Satan (male), and angel auditions you will need to prepare roughly a 60-90 second choreographed routine to a musical selection of your choice. Please keep musical selections appropriate for a church setting. These roles are non-speaking and thus we are looking for believability and emotional delivery through worshipful acting with your body. Please don’t expect to give us a speaking audition; we are only looking for choreographed routines. Bring your music on a CD, iPod, iPad, other mp3 player, or phone, computer, etc…anything with a headphone jack can be hooked up to our system. 


Requests for an audition time should be sent to

Crucifixion Vocalist


If you would like to audition for the vocalist at Crucifixion, be prepared to sing one verse of “Were You There?” a cappella. Vocal auditions will be held during the audition times listed above. Requests for an audition time should be sent to