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To ensure that EVERY member of our church and community feels part of our family, through the light that shines through each one of us!

Talking on phones

Discipleship Team

This team was originally organized at the beginning of the lockdown due to COVID-19 whereby our church sought to be active in reaching the community in the current climate.

At present this group provides Bible studies, follows up on leads and continues to seek new ways to reach out to the community.

Family Check In

The Family Check In ministry is in place to ensure that each of our church members is contacted to see how they are doing. By signing up you will receive five names to call and pray with.


The reunion ministry proactively attempts to reconnect with those church members who we no longer have contact with. This is done primarily through card writing.

The network

A team of elders are in place who contact our active church members on a regular basis, maintaining relationships between them.

How do I get involved?

Contact our Bible worker

Ronnie Campbell-Stewart

Cell: (423) 326-5752

Office: (423) 236-7114


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