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Expand Space to Carry Out Our Mission


A new 45,000-square-foot wing for the Collegedale Church solves the space concerns our congregation faces. We do not have enough space to carry out our goal of caring and connecting for each other. We also need more space to disciple new believers and our children. The Arise & Build Community construction campaign will fund enhanced space that will benefit the entire church family.


First Floor

  • New facilities to house the Kiddie Kampus Day Care 

  • A senior adult Sabbath School classroom

  • A new classroom for the Junior Division


Second Floor

  • Adult and Collegiate rooms in a variety of sizes and formats for Sabbath         schools and group life

  • Fellowship and community building spaces

  • An Innovation and Creativity Lab


Third Floor

  • Children’s Sabbath School classrooms

Kiddie Kampus


With a perpetual wait list, Kiddie Kampus assists member families and reaches out to families with young children in our community.

Children's Sabbath Schools


A new children’s Sabbath school wing will increase security, provide nearby restrooms and alleviate weekly setup and tear-down of Kindergarten classrooms to share space with Kiddie Kampus.

Adult Sabbath Schools


We have no open rooms for new classes on Sabbath morning until the new wing is built.

We value your perspective as we develop this vision as a church family. Please contact us at (423) 396-2134 or to share your input and ideas. 

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