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Why are we having a building campaign when there is still ample room in the sanctuary each Sabbath to accommodate those who come to worship?


God is blessing our corporate worship in the sanctuary. Each Sabbath our praise, music, prayers and hearing of the spoken word draw us closer to God. But many who have this experience are missing out on the blessings that could be theirs if they were involved each Sabbath with a small group. In a small group they would experience fellowship, purpose and mission in a way that would likely extend the blessings of Sabbath throughout the day and on into the week. This would greatly strengthen our sense of community and engage more church members in ministry and outreach. Our building campaign seeks to make these blessings possible for more members by creating more space for fellowship, small groups and special programming.


Isn’t our primary purpose as God’s church to share Jesus with the world. Wouldn’t our money be better spent for missions than on a project for ourselves?


International missions are important and we do not want to lose our focus on or support for them. But local mission is important too. Providing more small groups, special programming and attractive fellowship spaces will make possible more effective ways to attract to our church those who don’t know Jesus or who are not following Him. People who normally do not attend church are often willing to enter a church facility to attend a small group or program that interests them. They are more comfortable being in a church facility with their friends (church members) in a small group setting than they are going into a large sanctuary filled with strangers to experience a program that may be unfamiliar or irrelevant from their perspective. We believe that through the small groups, programming and fellowship that would result from our building campaign the Spirit will draw people to our church and lead them to God’s kingdom


If our goal is to increase space for small groups, fellowship and special programming, why are we building an addition to the church which will house our own ministries such as children’s Sabbath School classes, Pathfinders, and Kiddie Kampus?


Building the addition to house these ministries will strengthen these ministries helping them be more effective. It will also free space in the existing facility to offer more small group experiences that can occur at the same time. Presently only eight small groups can meet in our facility at one time. We would like to double that. We also recognize that the new addition, in combination with renovation of our existing facility, can provide better spaces for fellowship and relevant programming for those who choose to visit our church family or those we invite


Has this campaign been approved by the Church Board and church membership?


This campaign has been approved by the Church Board. Following Board approval a church business meeting was held during which information was provided and all questions posed by those who attended were answered. Suggestions were also solicited from those in attendance. There have been focus groups, presentations to Sabbath School groups and a variety of church entities, articles in Churchbeat, presentations from the pulpit, pledge cards distributed along with a brochure. Information has also been available on the church web site. More presentations from the pulpit, more articles in Churchbeat, and more handouts are planned. Members are welcome to ask questions and make suggestions at any time by contacting a pastor or the church office.


What is the projected cost of this campaign? What will determine when the building addition and facility renovation are started? How will money be solicited? How can I contribute to this campaign?


The estimated cost of this project is 8 million dollars. The Church Board has voted that the building phase of the campaign cannot begin until all the money is accounted for in pledges and half of the money has been collected in cash. Some members may be solicited personally by a pastor or campaign personnel. All members will be encouraged to contribute to this campaign by making a pledge and contributing the pledged amount in the time period agreed to. Information about how to contribute will be provided in a variety of ways. Pledge cards will be distributed periodically to the congregation. Members who wish can request pledge cards. Pledge cards should be enclosed in an envelope and returned to the Church office. Payments can be placed in a tithe envelope with the amount indicated where it says, “Building Fund—Church.”


What is the expected time frame for completing this campaign?


We hope to complete this project within two years, finishing it by the spring of 2017. Of course, with generous support we could complete the work much sooner. 


Where can I get more information about this campaign?


The church website will be continuously updated with campaign information. Particular campaign questions should be directed to Pastor Dave ( or Pastor Wolf ( via e-mail or by calling the church office at (423) 396-2134.

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