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2014-15 Sermon Archives



December 26, 2015

Dave Smith

"To God Be The Glory"   audio  |  video


December 19, 2015

Dave Smith

"God of the Impossible"   audio


December 12, 2015

Dave Smith

"Mountain Moving Prayer"   audio


December 5, 2015

Dave Smith

"When God is Silent"   audio


November 28, 2015

Chris Massengill

"Who Is My Most Important Neighbor?"   audio


November 21, 2015

Dave Smith

"Praying Thanks Forward"   audio


November 14, 2015

Dave Smith

"Standing in the Gap"   audio


November 7, 2015

Greg King

"In the Beginning"   audio


October 31, 2015-Renewal

David Williams (SAU Alumni Wknd)

"Singing Along the Path: A Lifetime of Worship"   audio


October 31, 2015-Adoration 2

Bob Cundiff (SAU Alumni Wknd)

"The Craziest Statement Jesus Ever Made"   audio


October 31, 2015-Adoration 1

Richard Coston (SAU Alumni Wknd)

"Going, Going, Gone"   audio


October 24, 2015

Dave Smith

"Desperate Prayer"   audio


October 17, 2015

Tabor Nudd

"What's My Purpose?"


October 10, 2015

Jim Moon

"One Thing Is Needed"   audio


October 3, 2015

Dave Smith

"They Don't Know!"   audio


September 26, 2015

Dave Smith

"Our Father"   audio


September 19, 2015

Ken Norton

"The Sower, the Seed, and the Soils"   audio


September 12, 2015

Dave Smith

"Why Pray?"   audio


September 5, 2015

John Bradshaw   audio


August 29, 2015

Dave Smith

"Pray First, Pray Most"   audio


August 22, 2015

Dave Smith

"Do Something: God's Call"   audio


August 15, 2015-Renewal

Hannah Moody (Youth Church)   audio


August 15, 2015-Adoration

Morgan Nash (Youth Church)

"By the Grace of God, I Will"   audio


August 8, 2015

Dave Smith

"Do Something:

   Putting the Body to Work"   audio


August 1, 2015

Dave Smith

"Do Something:

   Unleashing the Power of Heaven"   audio


July 25, 2015

Dave Smith

"In Remembrance"


July 18, 2015

Jud Lake

"Ellen White a Century Later"   audio

July 11, 2015

Gabriel Trujillo

"First Things First"   audio


July 4, 2015

Victor Czerkasij

"Left, Right, Christ"   audio


June 27, 2015-Adoration

Dave Smith

"A Hill to Die On"   audio


June 20, 2015-Adoration

Dave Smith

"Courage"   audio


June 13, 2015

Doug Jacobs

"The Power of a Name"   audio


June 6, 2015

Cherie Smith

"Finding God in the Wilderness"   audio


May 23, 2015--Renewal

Chris James

Collegedale Academy Baccalaureate   audio


May 23, 2015-Adoration 2

Dave Smith

"In His Strength, For His Glory"   audio


May 16, 2015

Chris Massengill

"Faithful No Matter What"   audio


May 9, 2015-Adoration 2

Ken Norton

"You, The Evangelist"   audio


May 9, 2015-Adoration 1

Keren Pagan

"The Price of Deception"   audio


May 2, 2015

Dave Smith

"Church Detox"   audio


April 25, 2015

Dave Smith

"Toxic Religion"   audio


April 18, 2015

Dave Smith

"Not of the World"   audio


April 11, 2015

Dave Smith

"In Money We Trust"   audio


March 28, 2015

Dave Smith

"Behold the Lamb"      audio 


March 21, 2015

Dave Smith

"Be the Church"      audio


March 14, 2015-Renewal

Brennon Kirstein

"The Story of a Groomsman"      audio


March 14, 2015-Adoration

LeClare Litchfield

"Fortune-telling, Earthquakes,

    and the Holy Spirit"      audio


March 7, 2015

Tim Cross

"Pressure"      audio


February 28, 2015


"Life On Fire"      audio


February 21, 2015

Dave Smith

"What God Can't Do"      audio


February 14, 2015

Claudio Consuegra

"The Best Gift"      audio


February 7, 2015

Dave Smith

"Daily Communion"      audio 


January 31, 2015

Dave Smith

"Words of Life"      audio


January 24, 2015

Dave Smith

"Alone at Last"      audio 


January 17, 2015

Dave Smith

"Come and See"      audio


January 10, 2015

LeClare Litchfield

"Face of God"      audio 


January 3, 2015

Dave Smith

"Help, Lord, I Blew It Again"      audio




December 27, 2014

Dave Smith

"Unbroken"   audio


December 20, 2014

Dave Smith

"Born to Save"   audio


December 13, 2014

Ken Norton

"Take the World, Give Me Jesus"   audio


December 6, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Night the Angels Sang"   audio


November 29, 2014

Sam Chetty

"Subjective and Objective Gospel: Justification to Life, part 2"      audio


November 22, 2014

Dave Smith

"Inasmuch"      audio


November 15, 2014

Mike Ryan, Renewal

"Nevertheless"      audio


November 15, 2014

Mike Ryan, Adoration 2

"Believe"      audio


November 8, 2014

Sam Chetty

"Subjective and Objective Gospel: Justification to Life, part 1"   audio


November 1, 2014

Dave Smith

"Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free"      audio


October 25, 2014

Albert Handal, Renewal

"Mission That Matters"      audio


October 25, 2014

Lynell LaMountain, Adoration 2

"How to be Joyful No Matter What"      audio


October 25, 2014

David Osborne, Adoration 1

"Battle for the Mind"      audio 


October 18, 2014

Gordon Bietz

"Quiet No Longer"      audio


October 11, 2014

Dave Smith

"Heartsick"      audio


October 4, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Heart of the Matter"      audio


September 27, 2014

Bernie Anderson

"Something More Than Change"      audio


September 20, 2014

Brandy Kirstein

"Victory in Christ"      audio


September 13, 2014

Ken Norton

"God's Cupbearers"      audio


September 6, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Stare of the Snake"      audio


August 30, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Pursuit of Happiness"      audio


August 23, 2014

Dave Smith

"Enduring to the End"      audio


August 16, 2014

Dave Smith

"Seeing is Not Believing"      audio


August 9, 2014

Chris Massengill"

Joyful Living in an Upside-Down World"      audio


August 2, 2014

Dave Smith

"Absent God"      audio


July 26, 2014

Doug Jacobs

"The Color of Love"      audio


July 19, 2014

Tim Cross

"Watch! part 2"      audio


July 12, 2014

Tim Cross

"Watch! part 1"


July 5, 2014

Dave Smith

"An Eternal Glory"      audio


June 28, 2014

Dave Smith

"In Remembrance"      audio


June 21, 2014

Ken Norton

"Look and Live"      audio

June 7, 2014

Dave Smith

"A Light Shining in a Dark Place"      audio


May 31, 2014

Dave Smith

"Don't Be Afraid"       audio


May 17, 2014

Chris James

Collegedale Academy Baccalaureate       audio


May 17, 2014

Dave Smith

"Attitude"       audio


May 10, 2014

Dave Smith

"Why Mary?"      audio 


May 3, 2014

Sam Chetty

"The Human Nature of Christ, So What!"       audio 


May 3, 2014

Chelsy Calumpiano

"Knowing Jesus"       audio  


April 26, 2014

Dave Smith

"Who Will Go?"       audio 


April 12, 2014

Dave Smith

"The God of Hope"       audio 


April 5, 2014

Tim Cross

"The Collision"       audio 


March 29, 2014

Pathfinder Sabbath: Bill Tracy, Zachary Negron, Melanie Marino, Hannah Moody, Ethan Dickinson, Wyatt Tracy, and Calle Turk

"Do Something"       audio


March 22, 2014

Dave Smith

"Spirit-Led, Prayer-Powered"       audio


March 15, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Difference That Counts"       audio


March 8, 2014

Victor Czerkasij

"What's In It For Me?"       audio


March 1, 2014

Ken Norton

"Be A Bum"       audio


February 22, 2014

Dave Smith

"God's Multiplication Table"        audio


February 15, 2014

Dave Smith

"Who Won?"       audio


February 8, 2014

Dave Smith

"One Thing I Know"       audio


February 1, 2014

Subodh Pandit

"What If I Can't Believe?"       audio


January 25, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Aroma of Christ"       audio


January 18, 2014

Dave Smith

"The Most Effective Evangelist"       audio


January 11, 2014

Dave Smith

"In the Heart of Jesus"       audio


January 4, 2014

Dave Smith

"It Is Time"       audio




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