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 Renewal is a student led worship service that meets at 11:30 am in the Sanctuary.  

Renewal exists for the sole purpose of bringing genuine worship before the throne of God. Renewal's aim is to help the congregation truly live a life of worship for the Lord by helping them to reach upwards to His throne of grace, reach around to the people sitting beside them, and reach out to the community at large. Every person, great and small, is welcomed into our church family! It is our desire to see Southern Adventist University students working together with our church family to serve the Lord and His people.


Renewal needs you! The Renewal team would like to invite more college students to participate as an official deacon of the Renewal church service. We need deacons or deaconesses who are willing to serve one Sabbath every month. These deacons would be responsible for that one Sabbath, and if one month they were unable to make it to church, they would need to find someone to fill their spot. If you would like to commit to being a permanent Renewal deacon, please contact any pastor.


If you have concerns or suggestions for the Renewal family, or would like to learn about other ways you can be a part of this family, please contact any pastor.

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