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Organ & Artwork

Anton Heiller Memorial Organ


Acquiring the Anton Heiller Memorial Organ was a joint project of Southern Adventist University and the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church. The decision about which type of organ to purchase included complex factors. The many periods and styles in organ literature, types of key and stop action, possible specifications, and myriad builders required balance against the possibilities of budget and physical space. In 1978 the contract was awarded to the organ builder John Brombaugh.



Wedding Feast at Cana


The main theme of the painting is “Wedding Feast at Cana,” with Jesus in the foreground in the process of turning water into wine. Behind that scene is the wedding feast itself, with musicians, servants, guests, and the newlywed couple.

Gospel Chapel Stained Glass Windows


There are four stained glass windows located in the Gospel Chapel that depict scenes from the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The artist has incorporated a beauty-education purpose in each glass to aesthetically and intellectually enhance worship.


Each glass is designed to incite a child to ask “What is that?” or “What does that mean?” This educational concept is well rooted in the Old Testament philosophy of religious instruction (Exodus 12:26, Joshua 4:6). Especially at the bottom of each glass, which is closer to a child's eye level, are symbols that can more easily be seen as well as touched by a child.

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