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Who We Are

At the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists, we want to know Jesus

and experience His transforming power in our lives. We are seeking to be like Him

by serving people and meet the needs of our community.


We want to glorify God through heart-felt worship, to “love God with all your heart."



We want to connect people to Christ and each other in fellowship. We value a spiritual journey taken in step with others.



We want to provide opportunities for people to grow spiritually. To "teach them all things” is discipleship.



We want to equip people to serve. To “love your neighbor as yourself” is ministry.



We want people to be empowered to share Christ effectively. To “go and make disciples” is our mission.

Our Mission
Our Vision

The mission of the Collegedale Church is to invite all people to a saving relationship with Jesus and help them grow for God's glory.We accomplish this by involving Southern Adventist University students and our members in:


  • Glorifying God through heart-felt worship.

  • Connecting people to Christ and community through fellowship.

  • Nurturing them to grow to spiritual maturity.

  • Equipping them to serve.

  • Empowering them to share Christ effectively. 


We want to glorify God through heart-felt worship, to “love God with all your heart."

The vision of the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church is to be a congregation where:


  • Every member has a saving, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Every individual feels and offers acceptance, belonging, and equality within the church family.

  • God is worshiped through services which appeal to a broad variety of needs.

  • Members discover their spiritual gifts and practice God's love through significant ministries to fellow members, to our community, and to the world beyond.

  • We will involve university students at all levels of church organization, equipping them for continued church leadership.

  • A global vision distributes our resources, both human and financial, worldwide. 

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