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Belinda Thornton


Belinda Thornton

Belinda views each client as a precious and developing child of God with potential for healing, resiliency, change, and growth.  Belinda collaborates with clients to facilitate this via empathic, practical, individually meaningful, culturally informed, and empowering counseling practice.  Belinda has served young adult to senior adult age clients dealing with anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, life transitions, boundaries, stress, loss, grief, trauma, self-esteem, communication, relationship, premarital, and other clinical mental health needs. She is especially sensitive to the needs of women, trauma survivors, and minority groups (bilingual-Spanish & English speaking).

Belinda’s counseling approach combines her clinical mental health counseling M.S. degree training from Southern Adventist University, years of experience as a licensed occupational therapy healthcare provider, ongoing professional continuing education, and life lessons (some more difficult than others) from her family, church, and social roles.   She counsels at the Transformation Center in Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN, and works as a licensed occupational therapist at Erlanger Hospital.  She is a national certified counselor with a temporary Tennessee counseling license while pursuing full state licensure.

Belinda has completed trauma interventions training, is certified in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and is trained in Prepare Enrich pre-marital/marriage counseling.  Valuing lifelong learning and integrative approaches, Belinda pursues ongoing professional education to provide optimal customized interventions that may also include strengths-based or solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and attachment theory principles.  In her own lifestyle, Belinda prioritizes holistic wellness that includes spirituality from a biblical perspective. She will incorporate this into counseling, when a client is interested, and as the context is appropriate. 

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