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One way that the Church encourages service is through foreign, short term mission projects. 

The Church sponsors both adult and youth short term trips. These trips have helped the local members focus on different ways of spreading the Gospel beyond our own community. Each of these trips involves the members of the group in projects such as conducting evangelistic outreach programs, vacation Bible schools, helping to tutor in the local schools, building projects, visiting and supporting orphanages and conducting medical outreach. These activities open many opportunities for the group members to be of service to their fellow man, to grow spiritually, and to increase their global awareness and sensitivity. It is very easy on these trips to find “Christ” and to minister to Him. 


Sorensen Project

Chris and Shannon Sorensen have been missionaries in Thailand since 2003. They want to tell the 1.3 million Northern Khmer of Thailand that Jesus can break the chains of our evil desires (“karma”) and lift all who believe in Him out of this miserable life into an eternally conscious and joyful life, completely free from suffering—no reincarnations required (John 5:24)! That’s real hope, and the Northern Khmer need it!


If you want to help support the Sorensen Family financially simply mark your donation with their name. Contact them through their website at Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM)

Wat Pre Yesu

Siem Reap, Cambodia

In 1996 Tim and Wendy Maddocks purchased property just outside Siem Reap, Cambodia, to build and orphanage and training center.​

It takes even less ($275) to support one of the orphans at Wat Pre Yesu for a year. Simply mark your donation "Cambodia Orphan Fund". Visit to learn more.

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