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Collegedale Church Counseling Center

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Counseling services are provided by the church to support individuals in their spiritual and emotional development. We see this as an integral aspect of ministry and an effort to carry out the biblical command to "bear one another's burdens."


There are many reasons people choose the option of counseling for growth. Some have gone through serious losses, which are overwhelming, and they need support to work through the grieving process. Others may have interpersonal or interpersonal relationship difficulties, and they need someone outside of the relationship that can view the situation objectively, helping them to develop new relationship skills and patterns. Others are on a spiritual, emotional growth journey, and they need someone to guide and support them as they try on new ways of being. There are no absolute guarantees in counseling. However, we have found that counseling is most productive when it is a working collaborative effort between the counselee and the counselor, where both actively contribute to the process.


Services Include:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Marital Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Children and Adolescent Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Psycho-education


Our counseling service is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional skill commensurate with our training and experience. Through dialogue, we will help you think through your issue or concern. We will facilitate your exploration of your personal dynamics or relationships dynamics that are troubling you. We may suggest reading, activities and other homework assignments to expose you to new options or other ways of relating. Through the whole process, we will encourage, guide, challenge and support you in your personal counseling goals.


We adhere to a biblically based counseling model and theories that fit within that worldview. We espouse that all people no matter what their circumstances in life are children of God. His grace is granted to all of us for forgiveness, for healing, growth and the ability to live an abundant life. Through the gift of hospitality, we will seek to bring the principles of the healing power of the gospel to each counseling relationship. Together we will explore God's action in your life.

Ethical Guidelines

We honor an individual's need for privacy and confidentiality and our bound by the same ethical standards of other counselors in this matter.


We are a church based ministry. As a ministry, we endeavor to make counseling financially feasible for those seeking our assistance. A One hour session is $30.

As church based ministry, we adhere to the ethical guidelines of the American Association of Pastoral Counseling and the American Counseling Association. If you request, a copy of these guidelines can be provided.


Evie Baker.jpg

Evie Nogales Baker



Evie Nogales Baker, LCSW is an Assistant Professor for the Social Work and Family Studies Department for Southern Adventist University. Mrs. Baker also contracts with the Counseling Center, Partnership for families, children and adults serving the Hispanic population with crisis issues.


Mrs. Baker is a graduate from Southern Adventist University (2000) where she graduated with a double major in Social Work and Psychology and obtained her MSSW from the University of Tennessee of Knoxville. Her specialties include Anger Management, Behavioral problems, Child Abuse and Neglect, Depression, Anxiety, Couple and Marital Issues, Family Dysfunction, and Parenting Issues. Mrs. Baker has nine years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults.


Married in 2001 to Nathan Baker, they are currently enjoying the adventures from their first child, born in 2006.

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