Pastor Dave's Patio

Join Pastor Dave on his Patio for short devotional clips, church-wide announcements and YouTube Live events of Q&A, discussion and prayer.  You can also look for playlists of current and recent sermon series to review or share with friends as we continue to stay connected during this new and challenging time.


April 1, 2020


Day after day, the sun rises. We count on it. Could it be that just as reliable is the forgiveness of God. And is it possible that the Son's forgiveness is a call to forgive others as we are forgiven? Join me as we explore the sunrise.


March 26, 2020


During the thundershowers of springtime rolling through Tennessee, we consider the voice of God; sometimes a whisper, sometimes thunderous. Maybe it is time for some of God's thunder in your life.


March 23, 2020


Rain can be either good or bad depending on your perspective. That's true of how rain is used as a metaphor in scripture as well. Since we had a lot of rain today, I thought we might talk about it.

Praying for Traveling Mercies

March 22, 2020


We update our community on the travels of our Kenya Mission Trip group and talk about "traveling mercies" theology in light of Jesus' words and more from scripture.

Sabbath Welcome

March 21, 2020


We launched Pastor Dave's Patio with a livestream welcome into worship at the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church on the campus of Southern Adventist University.

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