Global Missions


One way that the Church encourages service is through foreign, short term mission projects. Check the "Featured Project" link to see the current projects and planned trips. Another way we support global missions is by providing resources for needs as we become aware of them.


The Church sponsors both adult and youth short term trips. These trips have helped the local members focus on different ways of spreading the Gospel beyond our own community. Each of these trips involves the members of the group in projects such as conducting evangelistic outreach programs, vacation Bible schools, helping to tutor in the local schools, building projects, visiting and supporting orphanages and conducting medical outreach. These activities open many opportunities for the group members to be of service to their fellow man, to grow spiritually, and to increase their global awareness and sensitivity. It is very easy on these trips to find “Christ” and to minister to Him. Contact Wolf Jedamski.


Want to know how you can help from home? Click here.


Ongoing Mission Projects

Mission to Cambodia

Over the past several years, I’ve shared a little of the challenges and struggles faced by our missionaries in Cambodia. With the help of the Collegedale Church members who have taken our adoption of the Cambodia Mission seriously, we have been able to respond to some of those challenges.


We have supported the Cambodia Adventist School in Phnom Penh with computers, funds for teaching materials and most importantly, scholarships for Cambodian children to be able to attend. It takes only $300 a year to fund a student's tuition, room and board. Without this help, many students currently going to school and learning about their Savior would never be able to attend, receive an education nor have the opportunity to meet Christ this way.


Collegedale Church members have made donations to purchase necessary items such a bicycles and motorcycles for native pastors to use for transportation to visit their scattered flocks. Donations have also paid for pastors' salaries. The local tithe base is obviously very limited. The Cambodian Seventh-day Adventist Mission does not have the funding to support more than a few national workers. If you have a desire to continue this tradition, mark your donations specificly for these projects. 100% of your donations will go to the project you designate.

Sorensen Project

Chris and Shannon Sorensen are missionaries in Thailand. They want to tell the 1.3 million Northern Khmer of Thailand that Jesus can break the chains of our evil desires (“karma”) and lift all who believe in Him out of this miserable life into an eternally conscious and joyful life, completely free from suffering—no reincarnations required (John 5:24)! That’s real hope, and the Northern Khmer need it!


If you want to help support the Sorensen Family financially simply mark your donation with their name. Contact them through their website at Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM)

Tumberg Project

Kyle and Cindi Tumberg have been working in Thailand since 2012. Their goal is to plant a church in the city of Khon Kaen, Thailand (where currently there is no Seventh-day Adventist presence, and very little Christian presence) that will eventually plant other churches. To do this they are learning the Thai language, studying the culture and religion, and developing Bible study materials that are designed to communicate Bible truth to the Thai worldview. 


You can support their project through the Collegedale Church by marking your tithe envelope "Tumberg Project". 


Visit their website at

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