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Evie Nogales Baker

Evie Nogales Baker, LCSW is an Assistant Professor for the Social Work and Family Studies Department for Southern Adventist University. Mrs. Baker also contracts with the Counseling Center, Partnership for families, children and adults serving the Hispanic population with crisis issues.


Mrs. Baker is a graduate from Southern Adventist University (2000) where she graduated with a double major in Social Work and Psychology and obtained her MSSW from the University of Tennessee of Knoxville. Her specialties include Anger Management, Behavioral problems, Child Abuse and Neglect, Depression, Anxiety, Couple and Marital Issues, Family Dysfunction, and Parenting Issues. Mrs. Baker has nine years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults.


Married in 2001 to Nathan Baker, they are currently enjoying the adventures from their first child, born in 2006.

Mary Grant


Mary Grant is the Social worker for Sharon Senior Services Assisted living and adult day care centers in Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee. She provides extensive and intensive services for clients and caregivers, such as counseling to achieve goals and reduce stress related challenges during life changes, advocacy for service procurement, medical and psychological interactions with community based agencies to increase the wellbeing of clients’ mind and body. 


Mary is a graduate of Southern Adventist University with a Bachelor degree in Social Work. She then matriculated to The University of Tennessee in Knoxville where she achieved her MSSW with a concentration in clinical Social Work. Mary enjoys working with all population and is passionate about the mentally challenged.  Mary’s knowledge, skills, and abilities extends to crisis intervention, family issues, emotional and behavioral problems, child and adult abuse and neglect, parenting issues, anger management, and group processing, as well as domestic violence focusing on coping and intervention, animal social work; helping individuals deal with the lost or ailment of a pet. Mary has over 5 years experience of working with children, adolescent, and adults who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and mental retardation. Mary is committed to culture and identity diversity. She is a certified crisis and disaster intervention specialist.


Her most valued experience is that of been a parent to an adolescent which has provided great experiences to work with other parents, children, and adolescents. Mary believes that each individual possesses the ability to achieve their goals through self will, opportunities, and resources.