@ Iles Gymnasium

The Collegedale Church has the opportunity to connect with students during Smart Start, their first days at Southern Adventist University. We are embracing a goal of connecting with each of those students.

Smart Start, the summer session immediately before the regular school term, begins July 29. On Sabbath, Aug. 3, the Church is launching Connections Cafe @ Iles Gymnasium for the 2019 school year. Haystacks will be served beginning at 1:00 p.m. in the gym. The cafeteria will be closed and all students will be encouraged to attend. We invite all Church members to come, interact, and connect with the students…which leads to the next Connections Cafe. 

You are encouraged to begin thinking now of what family you would like to partner with for the next step: Connections Café @ ________ (insert your name). We want you to invite 4-5 students per partnered family, who you connected with over the haystack meal, to your home on August 10 and/or 17. Our audacious goal is that every student is invited to a home and is connected with a family those weeks.

“It is our goal,” says Pastor Dave Ferguson, “that students see Collegedale Church as their home church.” 

Email Tanya Jansen at tanya.jansen08@gmail.com with questions.