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Sam Chetty

Pastor of Local Mission

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Sam Chetty is the Pastor of Local Mission.

He and his wife, Molly, began ministering in the Seattle, WA area in 2000, where he was the senior pastor of two congregations, the Volunteer Park and Seward Park Churches. While there he has led out in the formation of a strategic planning committee to develop the role of the church in the community, initiated the mentoring of young Christians by church leaders, used the Re-Frame methodology to equip the members to reach a postmodern generation, and advocated for youth and young adult ministries to equip and empower the current church.

In previous years he opened a center for abused women, opened a community wellness center at one of his churches, and conducted numerous prophecy seminars. He has also concentrated in church planting in areas without any previous Adventist presence, negotiated with local government and businesses to approve and fund building of churches, spearheaded and worked in several successful community evangelism series, and initiated feeding programs to assist the community, including several school lunch programs and elderly care centers.

"Growing up in poverty under apartheid South Africa to now pastoring a church in one of the most diverse and secular cities in America," says Sam, "has allowed me to empathize with people from all backgrounds. These experiences have cultivated me into a follower of Christ, a dedicated husband and father, a self sacrificing leader and an experienced manager and innovator. I love to always learn from those whom I come into contact," says Sam, "and I love to fellowship with people."

Sam and Molly have two children.

In Sam's free time he enjoys playing the piano and guitar and participating in ultra marathons, which is any sporting event running longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2 miles. The last ultra marathon he participated in was the Comrades Marathon in South Africa in 2008, a distance of 56 miles.

Email Sam at samchetty@southern.edu



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